It's clear that engaged parents are critical to a student's success in school. For this reason, we believe it should be as easy as possible for teachers and parents to maintain a clear line of communication. Kikutext was built with this simple purpose in mind - to make it easy for teachers to share student updates with parents.

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How it Works

Set Up


Use the website to create your class and get a code



Parents text in the code to your kikutext number



Send updates to parents' cell phones, they can reply


Two-Way Communication

Real communication is never a one way street. That's why parents can easily reply to teacher messages to follow up and stay in touch.

Full Conversation History

Engaging parents is an ongoing process- a conversation. Easily view your entire conversation history with a parent so you always know where things left off.

Email-Style Inbox

Quickly see your incoming messages with an intuitive email style inbox. View your conversation, reply, or archive your messages with the click of a button.

Safe and Private

We take safety very seriously. That's why all teacher/parent conversations are logged and accessible only by authorized school personnel. We do not share teacher, parent, or student information with any 3rd party organizations, so your information is always safe and private.


Kikutext helps you maintain a professional separation from parents by using a proxy number instead of your own personal number. We also hide parents' phone numbers.

Versatile Messaging

Whether you want to message a single parent, a group of parents or all of your parents, you can with flexible recipient selection.

Message Templates

Sometimes a quick update is all that's needed to keep parents in the loop. With customizable message templates, you can quickly and easily update parents with the click of a button.

Message Scheduling

Instant delivery is a great feature of text messaging, but in some cases "right now" isn't the best time to contact a parent. Message scheduling makes it easy to say what you want, when you want.

Simple Parent Enrollment

Just have parents text in the customized signup code to join your class. Kikutext automatically captures their phone number and student's name. If you already have parents' cell phone numbers you can even invite them directly with a text message.